Monday, February 25, 2013

Grateful Dead Fan - Jason Doe

Do you know this young man?

He was involved in a deadly car accident in Greensville County, Virginia on June 26, 1995
Almost 18 years later, he still remains unidentified. Can you help bring him home?

Physical Description:
White Male
16 - 22 Years Old
5'7"- 5'9" Tall
169 Pounds
Brown eyes
Dark blond to light brown curly, shoulder length hair
His hair was temporarily dyed red at the time of death
Single piercing in left ear lobe
Homemade star tattoo on left arm

It is believed that Jason Doe*, as he has come to be known, was hitchhiking on July 16, 1995 and picked up near Fairfax by Michael Eric Hagar. Michael and Jason rode together to Williamsburg, Virginia where Michael left a note for his father. A neighbor saw the young men together but did not know Jason.

From Williamsburg, Michael and Jason headed south on I-95 and then turned west on Hwy 58. Somewhere outside of Emporia, Virginia, the van drove off the road and hit a tree. Both men were thrown from the van and died of head trauma almost instantly. Michael's planned destination had been Inman, South Carolina. It is not known where "Jason" was headed.

Jason did not leave many clues to his identity when he died. What is known about him can only be determined based on the clothes on his back and the contents of his pockets.

On the day of his death, "Jason" was wearing:
  • Red Grateful Dead Summer Tour 1995 t-shirt
  • Levi Strauss light blue denim jeans (33 waist x 32 length)
  • white athletic socks
  • Blue Fila Athletic Shoes - size 11.5
  • Macrame and bead necklace
Items found in "Jason's" pocket:
  • Grateful Dead Concert ticket stubs for shows on Jun 24 and 25, 1995 at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C.
  • A yellow Bic lighter
  • A handwritten note which read: "To Jason, Sorry we had to go. See you around. Caroline O. and Caroline T." The note also had a phone number with a 914 prefix, but without an area code. 
The tickets in Jason's pocket were traced back to a man from Pennsylvania who brought 20 tickets to the concert in Washington D.C. and sold them there. The man had no records and could not remember who he had sold the tickets to.

Investigators tried to call the number on the note but say that it didn't lead them anywhere. No one named Caroline has ever come forward with information. Do the Carolines know what happened to Jason? Do they remember him? Was the note really meant for this Doe? We may never know.

Investigators are still looking for Jason Doe's true identity and would love to solve this 18 year old mystery. Maybe you can help! If the picture here looks familiar or you think that you met "Jason" at the Grateful Dead concert, please contact The Office of The chief Medical Examiner at 1-800-447-1706 Jason Doe's Case Number is 123526

*This young man's first name may be Jason but it's also possible that he gave a fake name or the note in his pocket was not meant for him. His name could just as easily be Henry or Sam or Frank.

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  1. The note was not found in his pocket but at the scene of.the accident. Also when the LE investigated the fathers neighbor said the victim was not with the driver. So it seems like he was picked up after the driver stopped at's house.

  2. There has been a very promising lead!!!!! & I really think it's him!!!!!